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Hello. My wife and I are very young (20s) and I can't say that my life was thrilling before marriage (2 years ago), but lately I realized that I rarely go out anymore. I rarely do anything with others, actually. I feel there's nothing to do.

Going out with my wife gets boring. It's not like dating. Since we know we're together and always available, there's a sort of "eh, we can do that later" feeling. When your single, you seek going out and finding dates.

I have hobbies, plenty of them. When I say I spend all my time at home, I don't mean I moan around. I'm always busy reading or researching, creating things, studying (we're both in college) and etc, but 99% of what I do are things I do alone.

I talk to girls (my wife knows, and she talks to guys) but it's depressing knowing I can't (won't, actually) go far with the relationship. She feels the same way.

We love each other, and the problem isn't necessarily my marriage, because if I wasn't married I might have the same problem. I feel like I'm losing touch with reality. Not in a schizophrenic way, but I feel like my only connection to the rest of the world is through the Internet, and even here I rarely talk to anyone.

Nearly all my hobbies are solitary and most require me to sit down and concentrate. Programming, designing, repairing things, etc.. and when I'm not doing those, I'm reading. When I'm not reading I'm studying - and most of my classes are math/science classes, so I feel overwhelmed. I've become very introverted and restless lately.

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