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thats funny, you have been with him for 2 years and you still havent met his work mates. i have known my boyfriend for 3 years, been dating for 2 and we have been in a serious relationship for 11 months and i have gone to friday night drinks with my boyfriends work collegues, i went to one of his work colleagues weddings. i was invited to go to the grand prix with them 2 years ago. at the grand prix, i was hanging out with some of the girls and they told me that at work he doesnt stop talking about me and that he is totally in to me. one of his work colleagues had a BBQ at his house and my boyfriend asked me to come along. my boyfriends christmas party didnt allow anyone to bring partners but he wanted me to pick him up at 11:30pm. i went to pick him up but he was tipsy and was enjoying himself so i ended up staying at his christmas function till 3am, they all knew who i was so i wasnt asked to leave. the formal part of the night was over so it was ok. my boyfriend just changed jobs 2 months ago so im yet to meet his new work mates but he says there is a job at his new work if im interested.
the girls at his previous job knew who i was so when one girl was having a house warming she even came up to me and invited me herself. if i didnt get a mention to any of these social functions, my boyfriend asked if it was ok to bring me.
my boyfriend was out having dinner with some old work mates who left his old company years ago. i broke my phone so my boyfriend gave me his old one which had a few pictures of me on it. while he was having dinner he must of been talking about me because he sent me a text message asking if i can send one of the pictures over so he can show his friends.
when my boyfriend is out and about without me i feel fine. this is because im not hidden away and they all know im with him. does your boyfriend ever have friday night drinks? ask if you can join in one day. obviously you cant attend everything because some things are for the company only but on the weekends and friday nights when there is social stuff outside of work hours, i think you should expect an invite every now and then.

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