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Little Blue Girl,

I haven’t read any of your previous threads nor do I know the whole story between you and your boyfriend but I have to be frank, it sounds to me like your boyfriends very immature and inconsiderate. It also sounds as if you are both pretty young in age and you have your priorities all wrong.
I too was abused as a child and saw a counselor for four years. Still till this day, I am able to recognize how my past has affected me. I understand now why I spent six years with someone who abused me. Why I had a baby at 17. I understand why I don’t trust and also my insecurities. Because that is normal to you and you have never had better. You deserve to give yourself the opportunity to be truly happy.
I’m not telling you to leave him and find someone to MAKE you happy because you have to give yourself time to heal. The way that I try to look at what happened to me is a learning experience.
As of now, I am dating a great guy that I feel comfortable enough to talk to freely and I’m finding myself less insecure because I feel like I can trust him and he actually understands and appreciates me.

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