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Its you. Are you like nuts? or do you just enjoy guys that are just a little touched in the head? I have read your past posts and I have to say if you have revealed yourself to this nut case that says: '... he has a strong affinity for transexual pornography'. then you must be just fooling yourself that this guy is going to help you in any way. He knows what he is doing ...pretty much not normal kinds of things and you are going to have be a bit more kinky to keep up with him and if you are actually looking for a nice normal relationship with a loving partner then pack your bags and get the heck out of there. You mean nothing to this guy and if he can make you feel bad then he makes himself feel superior. I am guessing he prays on gals/guys with low self esteem. You have been with him for two years and I sense you think this is normal? is not...and it never will be so stay and be humiliated or move on. Good luck...and by the way you need to change your name to something more positive.

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