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My boyfriend is heading out of town this weekend to join some buddies to partake in a good old fashioned bachelor party!
My only concern is the dreaded strip club!:mad:
I am strongly apposed to strip clubs, I find them extremely degrading to women, disrespectful, and when your in a commited relationship- UNexceptable. It is NOT normal, or healthy for a relationship!
But I do understand this is not HIS bachelor party, because I wouldnt be worried if it were his bachelor party, because I would kill him if I knew it was HIS idea to go to a strip joint, I hope he would know me better then that.
But on the other hand I know he cant just say to these drunken men " No guys I cant go, my girlfriend wouldnt like that blah blah blah.."
I wouldnt expect him to say that, because hes a guest and really had no imput as to where the night will go, because its not his party. So in other words he's following the crowd. And for me to expect him to say NO would be unreasonable, and cruel, because I know he would come off as a pushover to his boys.
SO I told him to go and have fun, no matter what..he knows my oppionions on the situation, but I cant say anything.. All I said was go and have fun and be honest with me when you get back!...And if you do end up going to the strip club, NO TOUCHING or LAP respect me THAT MUCH!

My question IS! Is how am I supposted to react to him telling me THEY DID GO, and what if he did partake in a lap dance? I know he will enjoy going, I know it. I am scared I will be so angry ( even though I told him to go and have a good time, and Im trying to understand he is following a crowd and so on)...that I wont be able to even look or talk to him if he tells me this.
AND what if he took it further and did the lap dance? I could trust him again...I definitly couldnt look at him!!!!!!!

What are your oppionions girls? and guys?

Thanks so much!

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