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Thanks for everyone's input.

Even before I read all your posts, I stopped and thought about this all and decided not to contact Sam again. Everyoen has said it, and I know it also very well that Sam is not a girlfriend type guy and he is sleezy for doing all this knowing tha I have a boyfriend and I'm terrible for going along with it all. Nothing good could come out of me having anything to do with him.

Now, as far as the situation with me and Max (my BF), he says he still loves me and he wants to trust me again and wants everything with our relationship to be normal once again but he feels "lost" and "confused" and says it's going to take a long time and a lot of effort on my part to show him that I'm serious about our relationship. Well, what can I do? So far we've just hung out one weekend and talked on the phone and our converations and the time we spend together is completley fun, relaxed and nomral-seeming, though you know the whole cheating inciddent is still in the back of our minds. What can I do to show him I'm serious? I mean, I've changed my phone number and have not said one word to Sam since this all happened, and ever since Max found out i've been honest with hima bout the whole things...about how I felt, why I think I did it, what i want to do, etc...what more? Is it really just going to take a A LONG TIME of us just being together for us to be normal again and for me to show him I'm serious?

This weekend I want to make an appointment for us to go to spa and get massages together. Just so we can both relax and do something nice. Does doing something like this look like i'm sucking up, or what? I just want to do something nice for him.

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