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Before you even said it, I thought to myself that Sam didn't sound like "the girlfriend type." Any guy that physically pursues a girl that he knows has a boyfriend is a creep and just trying to get whatever he can out of you. Oh ok, so he gave you a rose on Valentines Day...ooooh, one point for being sweet. But he made a move on you the same night.. knowing you were in a relationship! Sleazy! Obviously he has no respect for your boyfriend, or for you even.. clearly he thinks you're the type of girl who would cheat on her boyfriend. Too bad you proved him right.

I think your "feelings" for Sam are only there b/c it's new and exciting. You've been with the same guy for over a year, and now you're suddenly out of your comfort zone, meeting new people and the idea of other "options" out there has popped into your head... which is completely normal. I think everyone in a relationship finds themselves wondering at least once, "is this the person for me, what if there is someone better out there?" I think this happens for most couples who suddenly are in a long distance relationship.

You should not contact Sam. Whatever your feelings are for your boyfriend, whether you decide to stay with him or not, you should not contact Sam. He'd be a rebound guy and it wouldn't last. He's screw with you for a little bit, then you'd want something more committed and he wouldn't.. and you end up hurt. Sam is a dead end that results in unnecessary pain. Forget about him.

Now.. you need ask yourself if you want to make it work with Max. You say you can see a future with him. Well is a future that came from love.. or convenience? Do you want to be in a relationship while you are in school.. or do you want to have the freedom to have fun without worry about consequences?

If you want to stay with Max then prepare yourself for a rough road. You cheated on him, lied to him and destroyed a lot of trust. You already said that he's calling you more often. I don't blame him. But you could end up resenting the short leash he will put you on. If you love him and want to correct your wrong doings then prepare yourself to do whatever you can to prove your devotion.

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