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I've been with my boyfriend 8 years, probably 1 too many. Things were great for years, but last year he things went bad. He has serious drinking/anger problems, to the point where I'm scared of him at times (he's never hit though). I really think it would be best for me to leave him. The problem is we have a 1-year-old daughter together.

He says he wants full custody, though I doubt that he would get it. But when she spends anytime with him w/o me I am worried. He drinks and drives whether she's in the car or not. Once he went the the store and came home drunk with her. I can't trust him with her alone anymore, especially in the car. But I think in court it would be my word against his. The only people who know what a drunk he is is his family, and they're no help to me.
I'll add in the fact that I have no where to take my daughter. My parents don't allow me at their house. I would have to find an apartment (and a job) but it would just take time.

I'm really confused what to do. He's a good dad in that he treats his daughter well. But he has zero common sense and that could be harmful to our daughter. I wish I could just take her away and he wouldn't be part of our lives, but that's impossible.

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