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[QUOTE=CUCrusaders24;3477927]Thanks to everyone for the replies. He hasn't tried to contact me anymore thus far. It just seems like I don't have good luck with men and/or don't know where to meet men. :rolleyes:[/QUOTE]

Chin up Hun, I know it's not easy. I don't have very good luck with men either. I personally believe that you put your very best foot forward, be self aware enough to learn from your mistakes and not repeat them, keep your standards realistically high, don't waste time with wildly inappropriate people, etc. but after that, there is a certain element to it all that really is beyond our control. Let's face it, if it were as easy to be happily married as just deciding to be, hey, we'd all be, right? I've been seriously hitting the online dating scene pretty intensely for the past 6 years or so and haven't met anyone by that avenue either. I've gone on probably well over a hundred dates over the past 6 years and only one second date, which was against my better judgment to go on anyway. The latest guy was cute and funny and kind and interesting and seemed really into me and I thought the odds had finally shifted in my favor. We had a nice lunch and exchanged a few emails afterward and he seemed genuinely interested. Then he went on a trip or so he said, and then I sent an email around the time he said he was to return and he responded saying he had to work all weekend but would we do something in the upcoming week, so I said sure, just call me when you get a chance and we'll do something. And then POOF. The incredible disappearing man, yet again, vanished without a trace.

Who knows why some women have no trouble finding men and some women do. I think there are many many variables, appearance, attractiveness are only the very tip of the iceberg, and at the end of the day, i'm not convinced they are that significant in the grand scheme of things. Location, socioeconomic background, oh just all kinds of things. But if I were to suddenly have quality men banging down my door, I wouldn't pat myself on the back for suddenly figuring out how to be a more quality person. I would be more inclinced to believe the universe just decided it was my time. In short, all you can do is keep your side of the street clean, work on feeling good and comfortable in your own skin and knowing what you're all about and what you want, stay positive, keep an open mind and heart and keep hope alive and the rest is a total crap shoot and is completely out of your hands. If you try to take more control or more credit than that, you'll drive yourself nuts. It can be pretty easy to take the "did I come on too strong, not strong enough, did I laugh at his jokes enough, too much, did I show enough cleavage, not enough cleavage, how was my body language, did I remember to keep my hands in my lap instead of crossed, did I maintain good eye contact, too much eye contact" you can really take that to the extreme really quick if you don't let go and let be to a certain degree and if you don't accept that a certain amount of it is just not up to us. Hang in there. Keep hope alive, enjoy your friends, do what you can to meet new people, invite a new co-worker to drinks after work and chat up the people you find at the bar/lounge/club, throw a party and invite only single people and have them each bring two or three single friends, cousins, brothers, etc. Be creative in the opportunities you make to meet new people. It'll happen when it's supposed to. Good luck.

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