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Will he propose?
Mar 8, 2008
My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years now. It will be six this September. He is 36 and I am going to soon be 27.

We have talked about getting married... and he has said that he wants to marry me, however, he has not yet produced a ring. If I bring it up, he says that we are engaged because he told me that we talked about it.

I say that we are not really engaged untill he proposes with a ring. It isn't like he can't afford one.. and I have told him that I don't need an expensive one. He has a really good job right now and is living with his parents... so he doesn't have to pay rent. He also just bought a new truck and he spent $600.00 on this scooter that looks like a motorcycle. He said that it was a really good deal and he can sell it for more than it is worth. However, I feel like this is money that he could have put toward a ring.

When I bring up the subject, he will say that he doesn't want to get married unless I finish school and get a good paying job. I am in my last semester at school, and then I have to do an internship. I'm going to finish school, but I don't know if I will be able to find a good job in the area, because it is a really small town with very few good jobs. I kind of bothers me that he said this because his job could support us comfortably..... I am going to finish school and I am going to get a job, but this puts a lot of pressure on me. I feel that is he loves me, he should want to marry me reguardless......

I can understand not getting married while I am in school, but why can't we get engaged?:confused:

I know that he is trying to save up $ to build a house and that is good... but I would like to know where I stand in this relationship! If he isn't going to propose, I would like to know because I am going to do my summer internship out of town, instead of here. I love him, but if he isn't going to commit, I want to move on with my life.:(

I guess maybe I need a guys perspective. Any ideas as to why he is dragging his feet?:confused:

I have waited for so long, Is it wrong of me to want to know if this relationship is going in that direction? I don't want to just date him forever.

Any comments or suggestions? Also, sorry for any spelling errors.... it is not my strong point!

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