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hi there, i have know the now ex you could say for 12 years now. We have hung out on and off for most of them since we were young and dumb we never dated each other. Last year he contacted me to hang out again. I just got out of a relationship and so didhe. We hung out alot till i got back with the guy i spilt up with again(stupid on my part) well after that he avoided hanging out with me and all that. After a few month i realized the relationship i was in was garbage and not working and left. Me and this guy went back to hanging out only this time alot more often. One night in nov we looked at me and said we have been ffriends so long and obviouly like each other more then friends why not date? So we descided to try it out. THings were great. we already knew each other so no awkwark new dateing things went on. We live 45 mins apart and both work alot so sat night was out time to go out. Mind you we never fought and had a nice open tell me anything relationship also. Last week i found out i have to possable get my ovary taken out. he has helped me and consoled me and been just wonderful. Last night i went to his house, we were gonna order a pizza and watch a movie and me stay the night. Half way though the movie he paauses is and says he needs to talk. Here i think hes gonna say im in love with you, but no its the i dont know how i feel about you and i think we should stop this relationship now. I was stunned. I give him credit for being honest and love him for that but omg. I went out side to smoke and cry and thought well i have to go home now i cant stay here. WHen i told him he said no you can stay. Yeah right lets sleep next to someone who only wants to stay friends. I called him yesterday to tell him i was doing ok. I asked him if after awhile he may think he made a mistake and he said i may but i dont know im confused right now. I dont know what to do or think. I now think there is something wrong with me and i cant get a person that doesnt just wanna be friends. Im 26 and thought i found someone i could one day be married to. I have been attracted to him for 12 years now and he said he was too. WHat did i do wrong?

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