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Although me and my daughter’s father have been separated for over two years, he still has tremendous feelings for me. See the thing is, he has some very serious problems with drugs and is an alcoholic that is very suicidal. We had a really bad relationship for 6 years; he was my first real love and first real relationship. Although we struggled, we still did love each other.

Well, it has been over for two years and I have dated but never told him in fear that he would blow up or try to hurt himself. He has been dating this Russian girl for a couple months now and has been very honest. Maybe too honest with intimate details.

Yesterday he came over to see our daughter and called his girlfriend on the phone and was very flirtatious as she was telling him what she was going to do to him later on that night. I asked him to not talk like that around me and our daughter and he began to explain that he’s sorry; he’s very much in love and can’t help himself. I then told him that I was in love too and he became infuriated. He asked me if I have slept with him and how long that we have been together. He began cussing at me and calling me every name in the book, in front of our 5 year old daughter!

I don’t know if he was trying to make me jealous but I sure did get annoyed and decided to tell him. He’s very angry at me for lying to him and not being up front about me dating. In tern, he yelled at me calling me [COLOR="Red"]{removed}[/COLOR] [COLOR="red"]{added: names} [/COLOR]ect. Ect. And broke the door as he slammed it while walking out.

The thing is why am I so sad? I’m very much into and comfortable with the relationship that I am in but I know things will be different from now on. I know that theres no chance of ‘us’ but he can’t get clean anyway so why am I so depressed. I wanted to wait to tell him because I was afraid that he would hurt me or himself.

Please, very confused.:(

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