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The thing is why am I so sad? I‚Äôm very much into and comfortable with the relationship that I am in but I know things will be different from now on. I know that theres no chance of ‚Äėus‚Äô but he can‚Äôt get clean anyway so why am I so depressed. I wanted to wait to tell him because I was afraid that he would hurt me or himself.

Please, very confused.:([/QUOTE]

I'm confused as to why you felt that you needed to tell him? It's none of his business......and it just created more problems. Keep your private life to yourself! I think I mentioned to you a while back that he sounds like he has BPD, borderline personality disorder.....that's nothing to play with. You need to get away from him permanantly. He can't possibly be a healthy influence on your child.

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