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Conflicting signals
Mar 17, 2008
I have been with my boyfriend for almost a year now and i think im starting to get to know him a little bit better. I could say i know him inside out, but its not true, i know him well but there is a lot to learn, i think anyway.

He is the type of person who simply wants to please. but in doing this, i never really know if he's just trying to please me, or if he truely means what he does. For example, he tells me i look sexy or that i have a great smile or that without me his life would fall apart. Really sweet, over the top compliments and such. But i can't tell if he says these things because he thinks i want to hear it, or because he truely believes it.

Also, we are too very moody people, and we have both realised and understand it, so its not a direct problem as such. But. Sometimes, we he gets really sad (which he usually can't explain why) (we're very open towards each other about our sad and angry emotions by the way) he will tell me he loves me. It feels like he means it, like its not just a skin deep complement, but it was intended to really get thru to me. But when he says it and means it, he looks so incredibly sad. Can anyone understand why this might be? Is the thought of loving me what makes him sad? Maybe he thinks im not good for him or something...he makes me feel like im poison. . .

Another time when he tells me he loves me is when we're fooling around. He becomes sexually excited and then tells me he loves me. Is this him confusing love with lust, or can he genuinely mean love when sexual drives take over his mind.

I know all of this probably sounds very silly, but he's almost always on my mind and these are the things that make me upset with our relationship. I figured that if anyone could shed some light on it, i would stress less about all of these little things.

Thanks guys n gals

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