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Re: I see no light.
Mar 21, 2008
Hi Cadburyschick,
I felt like i should reply to this thread. I sit here in tears at the moment knowing exactly how you feel. I don't know how long you where with your bf but personally i don't think it matters ho long your with someone, love is love.

My bf, or should i say ex bf, broke up with me 2 days ago because as the same as you difficultiesin our relationship, this was also our second time round.

I am in my final year of uni and should be busy doing my assignments and my dissertation. I've looked at none of it. How can you when your tummy is in a constant battle with itself, your tears seem endless and you heart feels empty.

I broke up with my ex for 4 months, with no contact. I was doing ok. i had uni to keep me busy. I had my good days and my bad days but ya know i was ok. Then like a bolt of lighting he came back into it and as quite as he came back 4 months later he's gone again. Putting me right back to last september, right back to square one.

While you are still in contact with him i'm only starting out on the will i hear from him again or won't i. Somethings are so hard. I sign onto my msn and theres his name and beside it...I'm getting emma..He hasn't been on to change it and it breaks my heart every time i see it. Or his social networking sight that he also hasn't been onto yet, where it is pretty much devoted to me. Its easy for people to say don't look at them, or don't look at pictures or old txts, but its so so much harder than that.

My only advie to you is to do what i'm doing. Take it one day at a time. i personally know that if i want to get over my ex i have to have no contact but i stupidly txted him last night. simply asking was he awake, to which i get please delete my number. that was hard. then wake to a txt from him apoligising as he was drunk when he sent it, that he loves me but is doing what he feels is right.

Well its time to do what i feel is right also. I know that it wasn't going to work, mae you did to seems as it was also your second time round. But its the feelings of not having him around, not being able to txt him or ring him when ever i want, or knowing the person i thought i was gonna be with forever isn't going to be that person. I know its for the best and thats what i have to hang onto.

Right now is to soon for me to delete everything off him but i hope that when i am at the stage u are at now i will have done that. deleted pictures, txts all that kind of thing.

This forum is amazing and has helped me so so much. come onto it, share how your feeling, you'll be surprised how much better it will make you feel. But as all the others say i think you know yourself you need to break contact. I thought i could be friends with my ex but i read on this thread " you can't be friends with someone your in love with" its just no fair to yourself.

Good luck and you will feel better.

Emma x x

Wow i think that was the most from the heart post i've evr written!!!

Desergirl: your words have really really helped me also. thanks

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