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these things can be quite awkward i guess. my boyfriends best friend is having his birthday in 2 weeks. he is friends with my boyfriends ex. even my boyfriend keeps in contact with her but its vary rare that they speak. they went out for like 2 months and this was 10 years ago so its very long ago. she is in a very serious relationship now. she is moving in with her boyfriend and is nearly engaged to the guy so im not worried at all. im actually looking forward to meeting her. she seems really nice. i was a little bit funny about it all too, just like you but im going to be myself, say hello, be polite. this is all you can do. dont forget your boyfriend is taking you to the party and you guys are going home together. i highly doubt she will be talking about past times. after all you are all in a bar watching football. get dressed up if you want, i probably would too as long as its not too over the top.

last year i was out with my boyfriend with his work mates and there was a girl there that my boyfriend went out with for a bit, nothing serious. he started seeing me after her and she got upset. anyway i was worried just like you but at the end of the day i had nothing to worry about. she offered me a drink, took a photo of me and my boyfriend together and told me i looked hot. ok maybe she was trying too hard, who knows but i had nothing to worry about. she even said i can sit down and talk to her. plus she put the picture of me and my boyfriend on her profile. so try not to worry. dont say anything mean to this person, you will only come accross jealous and insecure and you know you're too good for that behaviour. its not like your boyfriend is going to become friends with her and be hanging out with her. you just happen to cross pathways and sometimes these things cant be helped.
[QUOTE=happymom28;3498194]Is this [I]that[/I] ex? You have met her yet princessanna?

If this is in fact [I]that[/I] ex then definately be nice to her. You are going to be her child's stepmother and you will come off as jealous and insecure if you act any other way. I mean, you would regardless of who the ex is, but it will be even worse if it's the mother of his child. There is just no way to get around that fact that she is going to be in your life so you have no choice but to accept her or leave the relationship (which I'm sure is not an option for you).

Have some faith in your boyfriend. He is with you for a reason. Everyone has an ex and it's inevitable that you are going to meet one eventually. This is especially true if they have a child together. Getting into arguments over people you use to date is just useless and can really destroy a relationship.[/QUOTE]

No, happymom, it's not the sons mother I'm referring to.

I haven't met the sons mother yet, I have spoken to her and have been, along with OH, invited to birthdays and xmas parties but they clashed with other plans. I will meet her eventually, I know that.

I take into account on what has been said before that any bunny boiler or stalking stories I've heard could be exaggerrated.

From what I've heard, I have painted a not very nice image of her.

It's bound to be awkward but at least I have had some warning so therefore am able to prepare for it. I'm sure it'll be worse if it happened unsuspectingly.

I'll let you know how it goes.

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