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Hi! I am 24 years old, and new to the boards. Quick background. I am recently divorced (like, last month) Was married a little over a year, seperated for the last 6 months of that year. My ex and I have a wonderful relationship, we are just better friends than lovers.

I started dating my boyfriend back in Sept. after I moved out of my house. He and I have known each other since we were 6, went to all the same schools, shared the same friends, but never [I]really [/I] knew each other. He was single for about a year before we started dating, and admits to "playing the field." I was a little skeptical to get involved with him, he is a VERY good looking guy, one all the girls flirt with and want. Also based on his past, I was worried I would just be the next girl. He has been nothing but honest when it comes to talking about his past and the "playing" around he did. He said he wasnt looking for a girlfriend at the time and was waiting until someone came around that he really wanted to date, that person being me. We have a great relationship, we have a lot of fun, we laugh a lot and its very easy going and no fighting (except the few drunken night fights). The biggest issue I face is other girls. He has a LOT of girl friends from college, random nights out, etc. that text him A LOT. He swears they are just friends, etc. but he is a big flirt and i dont know these girls and dont know if they even know he has a gilfriend of 6+ months. The majority of them live hours away, and we are ALWAYS together so he would never have the time to cheat on me. He tells me all the time if he didnt want to be with me he would tell me, bc he is not into wasting anyones time. I trust that he watns to be with me, but how can i shake the nerves of the other girls all the time? Its something we discuss on a regular basis bc it makes me uncomfortable. He has also admitted to cheating on all his past gilfriends, which doesnt set well. He also says he tends to get bored in relationships. How can you prevent a guy from getting bored, when things are so well? I have given him so many options over the last few weeks for an "out" and he hasnt taken one of them. I am afraid if i keep giving them to him he will get frustrated adn take one. I just dont know what to do or how to act. I dont want to just be here to fulfill his time, even though he says he is happy and wants to be with me. I guess i am just waiting for the day he realizes he is bored and wants a fresh girl. How can I deal?? I guess I just hear the phrase "once a cheater always a cheater" but then i hear "one girl can change a guy and his ways"...

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