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[QUOTE=CyberNick;3500040]I'm kind of on the fence about an issue like this, probably because I'm a guy that also has a lot of opposite sex friendships. I don't think it's a crime to have a lot of female friends, like KeltoKel said it's more about how respectful and tactful he is about it and whether you are willing to accept it or not. The thing I would be more worried about is his history of cheating and the constant messaging from other girls (that I'm guessing you don't know and have not been introduced to). But then again he was honest about it and at least told you about his sketchy past. I feel as though he wouldn't have told you unless he wanted to at least try and make something work.

My girflriend knew from the getgo that I have a majority of female friends and only a handfull of guy friends. That isn't how I planned things obviously but I was a Child Development minor in college where I ended up being one of maybe three men in a 40-person class, so I had lectures consistently with the same group of girls. But at the same time those friends have met, like and respect my girlfriend and aren't constantly messaging me and texting me out of respect for her. She felt much better once she actually met most of them and saw that they were harmless; the majority with their own boyfriends to worry about.

[B]Would you possibly feel better if you met some of them, or does he keep them away from you? If he does it's probably a bad sign. You need to squash this issue asap before it starts to drain you and makes you resent the relationship[/B].[/QUOTE]

All of them live out of town. They are college friends so are still in college or moved to other parts of the state, so thats the reason i havent met them. They are more like cyber friends in a way that he only talks to them via text, myspace, etc.

Thanks for the response, its nice to hear a guys point of view.

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