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Please someone help me I am insane with grief. I can't think straight, I am just totally out of my head right now!The man I so dearly love has dumped me for the third time... It is the same story each time... It's not you its me, my family will never approve and there is just to many hard times to forget, we both deserve to be happy and I don't see that happening between us, I see you giving your 100% and I can't give it back so I am sorry but it won't work out! I know this time that I have to make a change before this grief consumes anymore of my life... Because I am just sick inside so bad! I am enrolled in classes toward a nursing degree... I have a little over a month left of this semester and I don't know at this point if I can even concentrate. I have no family here in the state I am in and really not to many quality friends. My mind is racing a mile a minute and the only thing I can think of is getting out of this state to be far away from him. Maybe staying with my parents for a few weeks until the initial grieve subsides a little and then moving to a bigger city near my family and getting a job and start school back up in the fall! I know there is alot of rambling in this post but that is just the way I feel right now... Please any advice would be greatful! I will post more later when I am a little more level headed!

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