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Mileena..thanks for your reply. Yes I do can sympathy with my husband having to work in the heat if he went back to days. That is one of the reasons why he changed to night shift and that is why I relunctantly accepted the night shift 6 years ago...but him working nights is now taking it's toll on his family. I never said that he workd 7 nights. He works 5 nights each week and the 2 nights he is off (Sat & Sun) he is downstairs either playing videos or on the computer because he is so use to being up during the night. So he barely sleeps with me on his nights off. So now this should help u see where I am coming from. I'm married, but feel quite single.

Oh and it wasn't my idea to tell the men in my was my husbands idea. Our religion tells us that we have to confess our sins and he figured they should know so that they can help us save our marriage. And to just let you know the WHOLE church doesn't know about the affair, just the pastors. So please stop thinking that my husband is the one getting the bum deal here...Yes I cheated and that was so unfair to him and Yes I confessed to the affair which I think was pretty darn brave of me. You are suppose to confess your sins and he had every right to know despite it hurting him. I didn't tell him only to get it off my chest, but because it was the RIGHT thing to do. Marriage is not about keeping was bad enough I hid the affair for 4 1/2 I didn't feel right hiding it from him any longer. I know I did the right thing by telling him.

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