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I hope I didn't over-step. I didn't intend to be critical. It's just that I couldn't really offer sound advice when I was also seeing his side of things, which means maybe I shouldn't have responded at all.....BUT like I said I only know what is written, and of course real life situations can't be told in one thread. I don't know what this lady might have to live with on a day to day basis, and truthfully in the bible belt a lot of people take marriage problems before the church. I suppose thats our way of getting counselling.

I only wanted to point out what seemed oblvious to me concerning the heat here, that some of you might not have understood. Getting in and out of a truck on a 98 degree day with 100% humidity could be rough on the most healthy individuals.

I also wanted to point out, and maybe I was too harsh in that people shouldn't lay blame on the spouse when there is an affair. I think a person makes thats choice because thats what they want to do.....true the person giving them attention is an incentive, esp if you feel you are lacking that at home.

I do wish you the best in working on your marriage, I just think its unrealistic to expect him to do all the changing. Is there a half way point that might make you both happy?


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