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I'm so confused
Apr 1, 2008
I am so confused right now and I really need some help. I wrote a post about two months ago about my boyfriend cheating on me. You can find it here.


Well we are still broken up, but we talk all the time. He is now dating this girl he cheated on me with and they claim to be in love :rolleyes: Well my ex has been calling me telling me that he still loves me and he wants to see if we can work things out. He said him and his new gf fight all the time and he wants to break up with her but he doesnít know how to without a huge fight. I told him I am so sick of waiting around for them to break up and I need to go on with my own life. I told him that I am moving back to New Jersey to stay with my mom for a little bit. (We are in Florida) He said that if I go to NJ he would follow me. I asked him, why will you follow me to NJ and try to get me back, but we canít be together here? He said because it really hasnít sunken in yet that I could be out of his life for good. I told him that we need to have a face-to-face talk to get all of our feelings out and I need answers. Well he agreed, but every time we set a date to talk, something comes up and he canít talk. It is so frustrating! I just want to pick up and leave! But then I'm afraid that once I get to NJ, I will miss him terribly. I donít know why, but I'm still holding on to any little glimmer of hope that we can work things out. I really hate this situation that I am in. I am staying at my dadís house and I HATE it here. I really really hate it here. I donít have a car so I canít get a job and I am stuck in my room all day long because I donít feel comfortable here at all. They have no food, they donít cook dinner, and I tried to walk around town to find a job but I'm having no luck! I made my ex my whole entire world. When we were together, I felt like nothing really mattered as long as we were together. I really regret doing that because I made him my everything and now I have nothing. I was going to college but then my boyfriend cheated on me so I had to drop out because I no longer have a way to get there. This is really affecting my health too. I have major heartburn and I donít have any money to go to a doctor. I went a few times last month because I had a little money left over and I was told that I have gastritis due to stress. I am at my wits end and I have no one to talk to. I really need some insight.

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