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Hi again leelee04,

You ex is a dirty PIG! He wants BOTH of you and that is why he is acting this way right now. He still wants the girl he cheated on you with and he still wants you. He doesn't want a meaningful relationship with ANYONE. If he did he would be with ONE of you, not trying to find a way to have you both. I still wouldn't be surprised if there were another woman (or two) in the mix somewhere.

Honestly, I can't understand why you are still talking to him. I mean, you were together for 7 years and he is now dating the girl he cheated on you with! How is he worthy of anything from you? Do you not think that you deserve a guy who loves YOU and respects YOU? This is the time you need to find your dignity and self respect and cut him loose no matter how much it hurts.

What you need to is stop blaming your boyfriend for your miseries right now. Yes, he cheated on you, but you are the one who chose to drop out of school and live in a place where you are not happy and you are the one who chooses to continue talking to him. You NEED to stop talking to this scum and move to New Jersey and get back into school. Be single for a while and do something for you. When you are happy and over your ex then start dating again.

One of the biggest mistakes anyone can make in a relationship is making your whole life revolve around your boyfriend/girlfriend. You have to be an individual with your own thing going on. If you don't this is what happens (no offense). You are hanging onto him like he is your life preserver and there is nothing special there to hold onto. Any man who would treat you this way isn't worthy of anything from you.

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