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[QUOTE=rosequartz;3515590]nonni - comeon.....the more you tell us the more it's obvious that this guy needs to BEGONE out of your life.....I'm wondering if he has BPD, borderline personality disorder. I'm starting to see some familiar traits to my last boyfriend who has BPD. Please don't waste another minute with this guy, and I'm hoping and praying you're not pregnant. He could be trying just as a way to control you. Did he put the condom on wrong without leaving enough space at the tip? I wouldn't have sex with him again, how would you know if he didn't even poke pin holes in the condom before he takes it out of the package.......I really don't trust him.[/QUOTE]

im def not pregnant,...what a relief that was. but i know he didnt do anything with the condoms b/c they are at my house and i put it on. i thoiught i left space at the tip. He said, "does something feel diff to you??" I wasnt sure what he meant. But after i got off of him, i fig it out.

well he's supposed to come over tonight when i call him, but i think im going to end things on the phone. maybe it's not the best way. but im sure he's rather not drive 20 min out of his way to have me break up with him.,

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