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I don't see where she's waffling at all. She's saying that she can see that it's OK to be friends with an EX that you've realized that you just aren't that into them and there's nothing sexual there...her case is different, he's saying basically that they aren't dating eachother(she hasn't said why they don't date anymore-is it just because she moved away?) but he still loves her more than anyone else ever! Usually when someone decides to stay friends, they do it because they get along real good but there's no sparks. My guess is that the minute she moves back to town (after college?) then they will be right back together because they are still in love with eachother. And another thing he has going against him is that he's running to the Otherwoman to tell her everything that she says...that is a big fat NONO!!!!!

You may have said but why are they not dating anymore since she's apparently the love of his life?:confused:

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