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This is nothing especially juicy or exciting, but I still need to know if I'm being a b**** or not, so all objective feedback is welcome. This fall I met a woman through work who, on the first day of my training, I immediatley took a dislike to. She seemed uppity and I'm a good judge of character. Fast forward 2 months and one life threatening surgery (boyfriend's) later, and suddenly she was asking me if I wanted to come out to her farm to pick out a kitten because my cat also just died. I went, and when I did, commented on her cute horse. I've always loved horses and said so. The following week she said, so when are you coming out for some riding lessons. I asked how much and she said no charge. Ordinarily, I would have been highly suspicious, but I love horses and needed something positive to look forward I began going out there on a weekly basis. At first, everything seemed cool...I did whatever she told me to and I was getting very good. She bought another horse (supposedly for another girl at her church who was underprivelaged) but that bottomed out when the horse threw her and the girl never came back out the barn again. However, I liked this horse and she said,'s yours in the spring for $1500 after we get the kinks worked out. I was so excited, I can't remember the last time in my life I was so happy. Well, then all of a sudden things started changing. She wasn't letting me ride that horse, and when I was riding her other one, she would say weird things like--I think you're taking over my horse--haha--but I didn't find it that funny. Both of her horses liked me a lot, and it didn't really help that the newer one would run away from her and come to me. She noticed this, andf rom then on, either various things were said or omitted that led me to believe she had changed her mind about selling this new horse without her really saying so, so I let it be, but I've been angry. I don't like being screwed around with. I also noticed at work that she was trying to be competitive with me, which I found weird, me being 17 years younger than she. Plus, she's a rider with 20 years experience and me, just a there's no level playing field in that, or our ages. Since we work together, I try to be pleasant, but she makes LOUD announcements to co workers that so and so is coming out to the barn to ride...almost as if she is trying to get a rise out of me. I haven't been invited out lately, and I'm not sure I want to ask. It seems like she's holding this horse sale hostage and trying to be superior when she can...calling me an "unconfidant rider" or instead of saying congrats when my bf got a new job, asking if he had to take a pay cut. **Removed**
I have noticed her trying to eavesdrop on my conversations with others and she is vocally LOUD in ths store in such a way that people look over to see who's talking...I think she does it to get attention. Someone at work said she had domestic issues, but didn't specify. Today she asked if I were coming to some overnight horse expo that we'd talked about last fall, but I said I would have to check my schedule. Given that I don't exactly trust her, I can't imagine spending two days with her. She also stares at me alot, making me wonder if she's a lesbian. I don't know. I know this is long, but any input would be helpful as to where I should go from here. Thanks!

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