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Hi. I am very new to this and it is my first post. I'm not quite sure where to start. I have been married for over 7 years and have been with my husband for over 12 years. I would say our relationship has been a very up and down one. When it's good, it's brilliant! However, when it's bad, it goes to breaking point! My husband has never held down a job for longer than 5 years. That one was his best ever achievment in his THEN career. He was the point where his gambling went out of control too. Eventually too far and it all came crashing down when he just quit!!! No one could understand why! He just said i can do better than this and thought he could own this big corporation and be on the board...Could not make heads or tails of it. Anyway, he found another job, but it did'nt pay as much...he soon left there. Since then he has left another 4 jobs and because his cv is so chequered, he has almost become unemployable in the field of work he was in. We have 3 young children and at times it has been hell. When he goes into one (as i call it) He is capable of anything. He becomes verbually abusive when i try to talk to him to ask what is wrong and eventually it get's to a point where we do not talk and he becomes withdrawn and completely shuts me out. I have noticed a reoccuring pattern. When he thinks he becomes invicible and ecstacily happy for no reason he makes me and the children feel ontop of the world, can't ask for a better husband or a dad. However, when he starts to become down and withdrawn because something makes him realise where he is in his future...regrets, he becomes angry and verbally abusive to me. He gets short tempered with the children and seems he can't be around any one of us and then says everything is my fault and pushes our arguements to a point where i can take no more and ask him to leave...Guess what he does leave! Then of course, regrets kick in and like a fool i take him back. He is a very all or nothing person with extreme highs and lows in mood and makes really poor decions towards his own future, let alone ours. These decions that he makes are done on impulse and there is also feelings of worthlessness. I, of course am the reason why he is like this!!!!! Can anyone shed some light as to could it be bipolar?

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