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I am 25 and he is 26.
My live-in boyfriend of 4 years seems to think everything he does is right and everything I do is wrong...he gets worked up sometimes over really silly things (as of right now we aren't speaking because I didn't load the dishwasher full enough and told him that it was full but apparently is WASN'T and I LIED to him)
then he YELLED at me about it like I was a child, told me I [COLOR="Red"]{removed}[/COLOR] him all the time and then went into the bathroom and banged around and knocked a bunch of my makeup in the toilet (this was an accident, but it was from his fit he had in our little bathroom..he also tore the door off the cabinet somehow).
You know...writing sounds like he's crazy...but he really isn't crazy most of the time...its like out of nowhere sometimes something in him SNAPS and because i'm his g/f I get the brunt of his anger over whatever has set him off..
oh yeah..and while he was banging around in the dishwasher he cut himself on a little steak knife that I had loaded sharp edge up...apparently this is the WRONG way to load a knife and I had somehow intended to hurt him? The pain from the cut probably didn't help this whole thing.
All I said throughout this whole thing was that I had thought the dishwasher WAS full, I always load the knives like that, and why was he yelling at me (i didn't raise my voice at all cause it would just make things worse)
I'm pregnant and I don't like him yelling at me because the baby can hear him and it stresses me out, which also can't be good for the baby.
We are engaged to be married in March 2009...but lately i'm getting worried about him with the baby, not to mention marrying him...I don't want him yelling at the baby like that...

I don't know what to do, I don't know how he can POSSIBLY think that I had ANYTHING to do with him snapping over that...there wasn't even anything leading up to the fight...Everything was fine until he opened the dishwasher....

This is pretty much our pattern of fighting..I can never predict what will make him snap, or when it will happen...I know it sounds bad to say that you're never wrong...but I truly feel that the stuff he yells at me about is not my fault or not worth fighting over and there is no way I can control or predict what will set him off...

I love him to death when he is normal...but it makes me want to leave when he is like hurts so much that he could do this to me for no other reason then he seems angry at the world or something...I have never ever yelled at him in my life and he knows that, I think he thinks its because he never does anything wrong. Really its because I'm afraid to start a fight with him.

This does sound horrible doesn't it? What have I gotten myself into?

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