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anyway, just an update....

my boyfriend and i spoke on the phone last night and i told him how i felt about this situation, you know the girl saying im feral and all this. he said that everyone would of thought that she was acting weird and stuff. he said she is insecure. in high school, she was never popular and with these guys including my boyfriend, she has been friends with them for about 5 years. she is afraid of losing them as friends. he said she means no harm and she is a caring person. i met her nearly 3 years ago and she does seem nice but she just overreacts a bit. she is single and wants a boyfriend and wants my boyfriends best friend even though she denys it. shes 29 this year so i guess she is worried that she wont find anyone. on top of all this, one of the guys said she was desperate and she started crying. she said to everyone that she is over relationships and over trying to find someone but went on to say she bought a guy she was just seeing a present for $250, so thats when someone said she seemed desperate. my boyfriend said she is like this with everyone so try not to take it as a personal attack against me.

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