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[QUOTE=mangoes;3519494]yesterday i went out with my boyfriend for his friend's birthday. we went to the few winerys. there was this female there that my boyfriend has been friends with for a long time. i have no problem with them being friends at all. im friendly and vise versa. anyway we took a mini bus to get there as there were about 10 of us going. we were all drinking on the bus but all of a sudden i burped. it was one of those accidental ones and i didnt even realise i did it until this girl goes who burped. before i could answer she is like the person that did that is a feral pig. its so feral and disgusting. my boyfriend started laughing so in a jokingly manner i said it was him. he was laughing and denying it. anyway my boyfriend found out it was me because i said sorry i blamed u, it was just a joke. his friend heard and told the girl it was me. she goes, that is so feral and disgusting and i cant believe you blamed your boyfriend. i said it was a joke and he was cool with it. she goes, im going to go and give him a big hug seen as u blamed him. now would that bother anyone else? it really upset me. the fact that she was having a go at me for something that i didnt do on purpose, it just happened. then she goes and hugs my boyfriend like that. i dont mind her giving him a hug but just the way it happened. its like if we were to have a serious fight, would she run to him and start hugging him? am i just overreacting a little bit?[/QUOTE]

This is SO why I have only a few female "friends". She is obviously trying to get a rise out of you. If I were you I'd want to punch her face in...but I think that's against the law. The best way you can deal with this is, swallow the disgust you feel for such a low-life hag, and remember you are a way better person. Move on.

Trust me, she's not running to hug him if you have a fight. She did that to make you angry. Some girls are like that, they get this kick out it. I dislike those women very much. :mad:

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