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I really don't know what to do. When I was growing up I was very skinny. Many family members told me to eat cause I was too skinny but I did eat and alot but I also played alot of sports. In high school I was 5'3 and 115 pounds and after I graduated which was 2 years ago I started taking birth control and stopped play sports and gained alot of weight. I now weigh 155 which to me is alot from being size 2 to all of a sudden a 11. I know that I'm getting older and my body wont be the same and I also know that my eating habits couldn't stay the same like it was in high school because i was alot more active then but my problem is that everyone i mean every one keeps telling me to lose weight and that i look fat.My mom ,dad sisters,grandpa, everyone even some random stranger thught i was pregnant. I hate hate my body... I have strech marks like if i already had a kid. I hate shopping now because nothing fits me liek it use to. I want to lose weight for myself not for them but my entire faimly including my boyfriend tells me i need to lose weight. Im so frustrated. Now i just dont know how to deal.. I dont feel pretty any more.. I look at myself and just wish i had the body i use to have. How do I deal with everyone telling me im overweight
You have two choices as I see it: either lose weight, or learn to love your body for what it is. Both are difficult and will take some time and both are healthy in different ways. I too have put on some weight (5'2" 96 lbs. in high school, 5'3" 135 lbs. now). The guy I'm dating has seen me skinny (103 lbs) and now and he told his best friend right in front of me that while he teases me about the extra weight he actually loves it because it gives him "something to grab on to". He rubs my thunder thighs and pats my pot belly and tells me he loves it & thinks it's cute. Then to add to it, I had major abdominal surgery last winter and have a 5 inch scar down the middle of my tummy! His reaction? He goes down there and rubs the scar and says hello to it.

I'm lucky that I have someone who accepts me the way I am. Talk to your boyfriend and family and explain that harping on you because of your weight is hurting your feelings. They love you, and I bet they thought they were helping, not realizing it hurts. Then decide if you are going to work off the weight (lower calories, smaller portions, walking a mile a day, maybe joining a fitness class), or learn to live with it and accept it. Beauty comes in all shapes & sizes and I bet if you look around you see more people who look like you than who look like Heidi Klum.

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