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[QUOTE=hoopty;3522453]You do not have to have intercourse with someone to be cheating. [B]If he was carrying on an emotional affair...talking about how much they loved eachother[/B] etc...then heck ya he was cheating. I mean look at it this can be an engaged couple very much in love and not have sex until after you get married...that doesn't make you any less of a couple than the ones that choose to have sex right away does it?...well of course not![/QUOTE]

I agree with everyone, I am assuming they were talking that way, because I had been told by my sitter for probably a good month before I found out that he would always be outside having a smoke on his cell phone and as soon as they pulled up he very quickly got off the phone. The kids have even told me that "daddy talks to someone at work alot before he goes" The final nail in the coffin was when his best friend caught him on the phone and he told me that the way DAH was talking he thought it was me on the other end of the phone.

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