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So I've posted on here before about my ex-boyfriend and how he cheated on me numerous times in the first few months of our relationship. He was my first boyfriend ever. We were on and off for a year. But after the cheating I was such a jealous wreck. I had never felt jealous or questioned myself beforehand.

So now I am dating someone new..And I feel my jealous feelings coming back a little bit. I think I am scarred from my ex-boyfriend. I really don't want to mess this up..I know my new guy has had a bad experience with a jealous ex-girlfriend.

So what do I do?? Help!
[QUOTE=cadburyschick;3523299]Good, I am happy you spoke to him. Does it feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders?

What did he say in response?

I think I will be the same when moving onto another relationship. I think I will be jealous and very, very pessimistic. I think it is normal to have these left over feelings from a previous relationship. Doesn't feel good, but I am sure once we find the right, decent man for us, then we will be ok. I hope!!! :D[/QUOTE]

I do feel better about telling him. I like getting things out in the open. Well his response was that he had an ex-girlfriend with extreme jealousy issues and that he is not very impressed by jealousy. He told me that he isn't a jealous person. He had to go so we didn't get to talk further about it. But I told him that I am working on it and that if I say something to point it out to me.

Thanks for the advice everyone. :)

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