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Its really hard to reconnect with my old friends, i never had many to begin with, and a good bunch moved away, but i just stopped seeing the remainder, and now when i try they have no interest. Two friends are still willing to see me, one of them is a senior in high school and is very busy for the most part, and the other works just about every day, and when he doesnt he spends time with his girlfriend. I cant make new friends, i have way too big of insecurities, and i dont trust people.

All i have is family, school, work (2 days a week so it doesnt interfere with school), videogames, sports, movies, and thats it. My family is always busy with work, if they're not busy with work then they just want to relax. No good games, sports last me a few hours, movies last me a few hours, and i cant do schoolwork ALL day long.

That is why i feel hollow. I have literally nothing to fall back on. Im not gonna lie, i do love her, but i often times believe i fell in love with the wrong person. She brought out a lot of good in me, more good than bad, but the few bad things are very powerful to just float around in a relationship.

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