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Thanks everyone, for the replies. I agree with all of you. Just for clarification, I know my boyfriend doesn't have anger management issues, I think it's more of a lack of patience. He's not "angry" with the dog, he just wants things done right away and he wishes she would be trained justlikethat. And I also want to make it clear that he doesn't mistreat the puppy. He is VERY good to her and spoils her like crazy. Yes, he does yank on her chain (she wears a harness, so it's not her regular collar and it's not choking her). And I don't like that he does it, but he's not hurting her or putting her in danger. If he was, believe me, I would do something about it.

We talked about it last night a bit more after I wrote this. He apologized and said he's going to work on training her the "right" way. I found an article and sent it to him about how to train them to walk on a leash without pulling. I told him we'll work on it together. I think he takes offense to me criticising his leash training because he's the one who has trained her to do everything else (tricks, sit/stay, etc.) and he did very good at it and she learned quickly.

In my heart, I know I'm probably over exaggerating this situation. I think he would be a great father and I know he would never abuse his children. I guess I'm just a little afraid because I know how his father was to him. At the same time, I've known a lot of men who had bad fathers and most of them "turned the other way". I know kids learn from their parents, and some end up being like their parents. Others turn the opposite way and learn that they never want to be like their parents and are determined to do better. I think my bf is one of those people.

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