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Hi all,

im going out of my brains here.. just had a massive fight with my boyfriend of 6 months.. (i'm 23 his 27) we fight so much its not funny.. & we cry so much and feel like its not worth it.. but then we love each other so we keep giving it a shot. Tonight our fight was about sex. In the beginning sex was great, he wanted me all the time.. 3 times a day etc.. & he also watched alot of porn..which bothered me you know?.. because we do it so much yet he also needed so much porn material... i know men watch porn which is fine.. but anyways he was abit too excessive compared to my other ex bfs.. Well since the fights, we become distant, yet i still want to make love to him, and he just rejects me.. i do it because i love him and i want to feel close to him.... I use to always dress up for him.... make things all interesting... but anyways i'll try and get to the point.... sorry.. haha

well tonight.. things were good and then when i tried to kiss him, he rejected me so i left it and then he went on top of me just to hug me, but no sexual activity intended.. but i rejected him?? so he got soooo pissed off...... and said i treated him like a loser? and anyways i told him i had alot on my mind like work etc.. so we moved past it.. and then watching tv, i lied next to him.. n tried kissing him.. and he rejected me.. so anyways i asked him.. things aren't the same sexually... he use to want me so much more... does he still find me attractive etc... ??...... and he said yes but since the fights.. his just not in the mood??.. his a very sexual guy.. so i get paranoid he doesn't care about the sex anymore.. perhaps he'll rather get off by porn?........

We had sex on sunday twice... which both times i initiated... (his like a very sensitive guy who's scared of rejection... so he never tries anymore)... but anyways tonight.. he said.. its not about looks anymore.. you'r hot, you know that.. but its not physical anymore????? we fight so much.. i just want to be happy.. i have sex when im happy with my girlfriend.. I don't think sex is a big deal.. its just a bonus in the relationship............ DO YOU PEOPLE AGREE???

He said its not about looks anymore.. its about long term.. which i agree.. but i'll like to feel like my bf wants to make love with me you know???

We fight because i get quiet if he doesn't initiate sex or doesn't want it at all .. I get insecure because his a VERY sexual guy... so i'm scared i aint turning him on? whenever im next to him he does get an erection but just doesn't want to perform the act.. (he use to have depression aswell..which when we fight it does come back and he cries alot... )

I'm not a nymp... i just want my bf to want me, love me... other men find me attractive, i get looks and asked out alot... yet all i want is my boyfriend...

Do looks all disappear etc??? and sex dies if you fight alot??? even if his a very sexual being???

PLease help me.. if i'm the lost case who should be knocked in the head.. please do tell me.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i do love this man.. but its so hard..
Fighting terribly only after 6 months? Good Lord! This is a huge red flag. .. my ex used to get PISSED when I would supposedly reject him, and basically almost kick me out of the house. That was a red flag I decided to look past.. [I]very[/I] bad idea. He was so insecure, that's why he cheated me constantly..

If I were to reject my now live-in boyfriend, he wouldn't dare sulk, or get mad. I will not tolerate that nonsense anymore. Childish.. and such a turn off.

And these games of he rejects a kiss, then you do too, then he rejects again is just juvenile behavior. That's the type of relationship I see running into the ground QUICK since it's only been 6 months and these games have already begun..

You deserve better. You owe it to yourself.


The other posters are correct.. the communication needs to open up.. when he rejects you, you can just say, "hey you know what? blah blah is really hurting my feelings, can we work through this so it doesn't keep happening?".. something like that..

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