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Ok my boyfriend and I have been together for 4 and a half years now and things are changing. Iím 20 and in college and my boyfriend is 21 is he is just going to start his 1st year of college which makes me so happy that he wants to continue school but the thing is he told me that when he moves out of his parents house he doesnít want to have a girlfriend and wants to be single and that he wants to take a break from being in a relationship which, thatís his choice if thatís what he wants. He says he doesnít think he seeís us together in our future lives.

So he tells me he really loves me and I love him a lot but why are we together if he knows we wonít be together and wants to take a huge break when he goes to school and when he moves out. If he wants to take a break and work on school and moving out thatís fine I just donít get why heís going to wait until then to break up with me.

He keeps telling me he loves me and doesnít want to break up right now but later when he moves out. Iím so confused on what he wants and I donít know what to do. He has told me that I annoy him and bother him and I donít know why he wants to stay with me if he already said we are going to break up later. Please help what should I do? I donít want to break up with him cause I care about him a lot.

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