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Re: Feeling unloved
Apr 21, 2008
Sooooo...I just did some spying, I probably shouldn't have, I never have before, but my BF is out tonight so I got on his account and looked at his internet history to see what he's been up to. He's been looking at a porn site almost everyday, sometimes twice a day (he's at home during the day b/c he's in sales). So that got me suspicious. What else is he hiding??!! He left his Yahoo email logged in so.... I looked at it. I know, I KNOW! Bad. Well this email came from saying he had a message. OK, so maybe he just never turned off his account since we've been together. Well I wanted to read the message, so I went to the site, said I forgot my password, got it from his email and logged in. The message was nothing really, just someone who thought they'd be a good match. But he must be checking it b/c he only had two messages in there and the oldest was from Apirl 4th. So then I looked at his profile and noticed something very strange.... His info is all up to date. He moved to the house we currently live in AFTER we started dating exclusively. MONTHS after. And he said for pets he had a cat, when he didn't before I met him. Soooo why would he be logging in and updating his info after we were boyfriend/girlfriend???? We had a long distance relationship going for a while there. I'm wondering if he was using this singles website to hook up with chicks??

OMG .... I'm shaking. Do I confront him? He won't trust me and think I'm a snoop!! And what if I bring it up and I'm wrong? OMG! What do I do!!!??

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