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Thank you for your response. Yes it seems like he has been planning this on one hand , and on the other hand I can't figure out if he is confused. He told me he wanted to break up with me in October and one other time. So I just can't figure him out. He goes back and forth. Why would someone go back and forth, do men normally do this? I am afraid I will never hear from him again, but I am also afraid he will show up on my doorstep asking me to do something for him, or ask me to commit to something too much for me to handle all in one second. Although that could be me, just being wishful.

I guess he was planning to break up but maybe he couldn't decide :confused: We talked about marriage and moving into together, I don't understand why he changed his mind. I'm not ready for marriage but I wanted to move in with him. If he was going to break up with me then I can't figure out why he bothered to come and see me. I am so confused :(

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