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Thank You for all of your replies. I honestly thought that I was over reacting and would get posts back saying that Iím insecure. LoL As far as the soda, Iím really not sure if he got her one as I had to take my DD to bed so I walked upstairs. As far as why he still remains friends with his ex after what she did to him, I ask myself the same question. Iím trying to dig real deep to figure this one out and itís kind of tricky. I think that he tried to make it work with her because she was the first woman that he dated after the split between him and his wife. His wife was later murdered by a man she went on a date with that she met from a popular networking site. So in a way I think that he kind of felt obligated to try to make it work for his wife (the one that was murdered and mother of his child) so she (his wife) would feel as though it was not in vain. Do I make sense?

While at work yesterday, he sent me numerous text messages saying that he was sorry and he felt horrible. I didnít send anything back in hopes that he let the seriousness of the situation simmer for a while. When I returned home yesterday, I felt as though I had already exhausted my point enough and decided to pop this up on the computer and let him read your comments towards the matter so he could have an outsiderís perspective. He sat in the dark for a minute with head down when I decided to ask him what he thought. He said that he really didnít look at it from my perspective and that he is sorry for making me feel uncomfortable as I already have made some big changes in the last month and I deserve a better start. He then explained the relationship between him and the niece. Nothing ever happened between them and I truly believe him. She (the niece) was there for him when my bf and the ex were going through hard times. Kind of like the rest of the family turned on him but the niece was the Ďnormalí one in the family and understood and pushed him to end it with her aunt because of how he was being treated. Iím going to just schedule a time to go out to dinner with her and get to know her better.

As far as the ex, the next time that she calls, Iím answering and she can tell me what it is in regards to. He is also not going to be doing any more favors for her and is going to be talking to her Ďnowí boyfriend about how much sheís been calling and the fact that the ex only calls my bf while her bfís at work.

At this point in time, itís not really that I donít trust him, but about the Boundaries and limitations in a relationship. I know that heís very much in love with me as I am with him and hopefully this is just a bump in this lovely road called life. And if not, then the road still goes on.

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