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Thanks everyone for your responses. I was weak and of course he is back.

Pendulum: I need him because I do need help with the kids. I do want our marriage to work. I don't want to be a divorced mother. He does have good qualities and I do love him.

CMP: He said he lied because he thought I would say no to him going out for drinks. He does go out drinking with coworkers probably once every five or six weeks. Usually I would not have a problem with it, but we did need to get the lawn cut that day, because it is for sale and looked horrible. We had been trying to get too it for days. I also had to finish something for my job and send it in that night so it would not be late, so he knew I would have said tonight was not a good night. He admitted that and said he realizes now it was selfish.

Nikki: When I read your post, I cried. It is my worse fear - once a liar, always a liar. My sister has the same problem with her husband. They have a relationship with zero trust. Her problem is she needs her husband for financial support. Me? I really just want my family to work. I feel stupid crying over this. He said he sees how much his lies hurt me and he won't do it again. The problem is he has said that before. I feel I am just setting myself up to get my heartbroken again, like you said.

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