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I have known this friend since the 10th grade, (we'll call her Lisa)and now we are in our early 20s. Out of our entire friendship we both have hung out and went to the mall ONCE, everytime I call her to go out to a movie or club or to hang she makes up an excuse and says that she has "no money" yet on some occassions she has told me how she went out with her "boyfriend" or with someone else.

Once Lisa invited me to a wedding reception, and a guy there noticed me and we talked. We went out into the parking lot (while she was mingling with other people) to conversate some more. When she found me she got upset and accused me of "leaving her", even though she was no where to be found while I was sitting at the dinner table for awhile.

After the reception, she calls her other friend over and they start speaking in their native language (she is from Nigeria) about how the guy was trying to talk to me. I didn't understand why they were making such a big deal about it. Why it was even worth bringing up. It was just a casual convo it wasn't like he proposed to me. Later, she started talking about how the guy is so ugly--which he was--but she did it in such a catty manner that made me believe she was jealous that he talked to me instead of her.

MONTHS later she brings up the situation and says that she doesn't like it when "that guy" (apparently they cross the same circles) talks to ANY girl who is new. She made it seem as if the only reason he talked to me was because I was new, and not because he was attracted to me. Lisa said it makes her "angry". Okay, she has a boyfriend so why is she being so selfish? She has a man, I am single and don't mind the attention.

Anywho, she did invite me to church (again, she never likes to go to places like the mall, movies or club with me) and there was a young pastor there who was interested in me. He didn't get my number there I guess he was shy. He said he would get it from my friend. Lisa called me the next day to let me know that the person asked about me, and she wanted to get the "okay" from me if she could give him my number. I said sure. Days and days went by and he never called. I thought maybe he really wasn't interested.

A bit more time passed and I called Lisa, and I asked her just for the sake of it if she wanted to hang out with me--of course she refused and pulled the same ol same ol' "she doesn't have any money" routine which now I am starting to believe is bull. Lisa brought up the young pastor and said that he asked about me. But she didn't get his number and she cannot give it to me. Her reason was because when he called her, the cell phone was in "roaming" therefore his number did not appear on the caller i.d. when he called--the only thing she got was the message he left on her voicemail. Unfortunately, she claims he didn't leave his number in the message. Again, I suspect more bull.

I told her that I can just visit the church again, and get his number. She says, "oh it's not that serious". I replied, "he seems like a nice guy. it would be great to have a pastor to talk to once in a while."

She gets hypersensitive and starts saying things like, "I am not going to be your messenger." or some crap like that, I don't know why she felt the need to say that. Shortly after I ended the conversation with her.

I am not sure if I should still be friends with her. And if I do decide to drop her, I won't have anymore friends. I have been dealing with so many jealousy issues with women that my friends literally started dropping like flies. Every Saturday I am sitting at home with nothing to do. No one to hang out with.

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