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Date ideas?
May 3, 2008

I will be graduating high school on June 6th, and chances are I will not see the people I met in high school ever again. I will be going to college on the East Coast, and I live in L.A, California. I'll be putting 2,500 miles in between me and the people I currently know, and will be starting a new life in 3 months.

So, straight to the put so I do not bore anyone with a long pointless story.

What were some of the best dates you went on with someone? What are some I can try?

I am 18, never had a girlfriend, never done anything with a girl except maybe a hug every here and there. I'm not a "social stud" at high school. I only have a couple friends, all male. I have just been quiet throughout high school.

I think I want to try and make an attempt to change that (or an attempt to fail miserably LOL).

I am up for anything. ANYTHING. In 1 month, I won't see most of these people ever again. I got nothing to lose! :) It can only get better from here on!

I want to see how well I can do with just being confident. That is the "test" I will be trying. Just go up and ask girls without any fear of rejection. This is something I have never done before, well, because I didn't want to be rejected! But now I will be leaving this school in 1 months time, I guess it won't matter! I'll go down guns blazing! :D

I'm 6'2, and 180lbs, and I don't think I'm UGLY, but I'm not sure if I am attractive either :). I'm an ex-gymnast, a weightlifter, and I'll be joining the military, so I'm definitely not out of shape. My shoulders are 1.6x wider than my waist if that makes sense. That's pretty much all I can do to describe my physical appearance. Oh, I'm half asian/half white too. That could be a disadvantage.

Anyways, I'll just restate the question.

What were some of the best dates you went on with someone? (funnest, most memorable, "i want to do something with him again" type dates) What are some I can try?

In the event I do get a "yes", (after I ask for their for their number after a cheesy conversation that I will try to wing off the top of my head) I don't want to be there saying "uhhh...well I don't know what to do!" I think going to a movie is boring (at least for me, I like doing interactive things), so anything interactive.

So shoot away!

Thank you,

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