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Anyway, I just wanted to add that nothing happened that last night I stayed out all night with him.

I didn't want to make it sound like he was standoff-ish right after we'd done the deed, lol, that wasn't the case. I saw his sister working in a local store last week, and she gave me a "hi", like "hi", my brother was so in love with you, "hi". She sort of looked at me and smiled in a way that said it all, or it seemed that way.

I guess I AM chalking it up to an experience, but can I remember it as, "he was in love with me", or "he didn't really want me", which one?

My take on it was, I had a lot of fun with him, and I cared about him. There was no way it was going to go long term with my dad hating him. And he seemed to need more time to grow up and gt his life together. When I look back now, I guess I can see why he never called my house. He had let me know 3 years earlier that he was afraid of my dad! He only called me away at college, lol. I guess that's why we got together through friends every time. And he never showed up when my dad was home.

I already have a new boyfriend, and I think it's getting serious. And... I actually saw ex-guy too, at a thing downtown, and I was with my new boyfriend who is good looking. (ex-guy is nice looking also, but not as much as new guy, IMO) I waved at him when new guy wasn't looking and he waved back and smiled.

After he gave me the "don't want to get hurt" line, I immediately started dating other guys, and I know he heard about it. And I have no plans of getting back together with him. I just want to know if he was really meant the "not gettng hurt thing". I don't think he was saying it to completely break up with me. I had asked why I was the one doing the chasing in the relationship. I guess I'll never know, unless one day I run into him and he tells me that he was so in love with me!

Please, be honest. I'm not worried about getting my feelings hurt here. If he didn't seem interested, please say so, if he may very well have been telling the truth about not getting hurt, let me know. Give me your best opinion. Thanks.

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