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ebrena, I have a feeling you are right, your sister probably would read the first line of that letter and then immediately tune it all out. You just can't tell these people anything.

[QUOTE]When my mom was told she had 4 months to live, I looked after my mom myself. No offer of help, no show of concern never came to visit and we are only half hour away. I felt so bad for my mom and so stunned at the lack of caring my sister showed- it blew me away! I wanted to be with my mom till she took her last breath and it was important to me to be there for her, I would do anything for her. All my sister was concerned with was having an affair with her husbands best friend and co-worker (who she is now living with) and how people were giving her a hard time. [/QUOTE]

:( It seems a big part of the disorder is a complete lack of empathy, of being unable to relate to other people, not being able to sympathize with anyone except themselves.

For half of our relationship, my ex shared a house with his best friend. Well, one day his friend's grandfather died - they had been really close and his friend was of course very sad. So he brought out these old home movies of his family, and was sharing stories about his grandfather and other family members that he'd lost over the years. I was gladly listening and enjoying the movies, but my ex soon started huffing about how "boring" it was, and then, for the icing on the cake, went to his room and brought out HIS photo albums, and then sat back down with us and started showing us his photos (which I'd already seen many times before) and talking about his family.

It was perplexing, it was like he couldn't understand the reason [I]why [/I]we were watching his friend's movies, and just had to go and make it about himself instead. :(

I'm glad that I finally realized that this is an actual disorder.

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