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mouse you know what you have to do. you have to cut him loose. he's not your responsibility. don't make his problems your problems.
From reading your other post I wonder if he has BPD, borderline personality disorder. Some of his actions fit. You might want to look it up.
[QUOTE=Kass3175;3568230]I have a lot of my own theories on this subject but I have to be careful what I say. Has your guy friend had someone close to him in his life put him on a pedistial, put him before anybody else most of the time, and made him feel or told him that he is close to god?[/QUOTE]

Apparently, his few long-term relationships have been with girls with low self-esteem. I believe, and I know it based on things he told me, that he has been held in very high regard by these women.

[QUOTE=Kass3175;3568230]Maybe you could be the person who guides him to seek help. I am just throwing things out there. You will never be first in his life. Is he close to his mother? He will come first, then his mom, and then maybe you.[/QUOTE]

I'm not sure how he will respond to my bringing up the fact that I think he has some serious issues (whether it actually be NPD or BPD or BP or...?). He has been contacting me a lot lately despite me pulling away. He's taken to writing me at my work e-mail and calling me at work because he knows I will answer.

Regarding his mother, his natural mother left him and his father when he was a toddler (she apparently was a drug addict and his father was military and got sick of her abuse of prescription drugs). His father re-married when he was only 4 or 5 and he says that she has never treated him particularly well. He has a half-brother that was born when he was around 8 or 9. The brother supposedly gets everything he wants and has been smothered and spoiled by both parents.

Thanks Kass, and everyone else, for your support. I'm not sure how I'm going to handle this. I mean, I can't have him in my life no matter how assertive he is. He's been fairly unstable as of late. I'm not even supposed to be talking to him and when I do he argues how "messed up" [I]I[/I] am. He cannot see any of his errors and thinks that I'm just another "crazy woman".

I actually saw a post about him on a discussion board by another guy. This guy says that he "uses girls with low self-esteem to get what he wants". My self-esteem has hit rock bottom with a break-up from last summer. Slowly I'm trying to get my head straight. He keeps doing the most dramatic and crazy (and illegal) things and I'm sure he is going to wind up in jail. I know it's not my problem but I do still care about him despite him [probably] having no real emotion for me. It's a process...

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