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[QUOTE=JennyLee123;3561733]i'm not an animal lover at all.[/QUOTE]

Well it's good you know this about yourself and can be honest about it. I personally don't know what I'd do without my little hairy son (my little doggie) but definitely do NOT get a dog if you're not prepared to love and take care of it for a lifetime.

[QUOTE=JennyLee123;3561733]I am enrolled in college and I still have yet to meet a decent guy. There are hardly any men around me that I am attracted to at all. And the ones that I do like, never seem to like me enough to put in effort to get to know me. .[/QUOTE]

Again, I know it can be hard. But there have been times where I thought someone didn't care to get to know me, only to look back on it later and see that perhaps there were things I could have done to have been more open and warm and approachable. I don't really know you so I don't know your behaviors or communication styles, but perhaps there might be things you can do to be a bit more warm open and approachable?

[QUOTE=JennyLee123;3561733]I have never been in love at 24. It's pathetic. .[/QUOTE]

Jenny, I was almost 31 before I had my first kiss. It just takes a little longer for some of us. One thing life has taught me is that in this life, you've GOT to be your own best friend and stop judging yourself by what you perceive to be society's standards. You would not believe the ribbing and teasing and mocking I endured at the hands of so-called friends because I was still a virgin at your age. But I knew I wanted more than what I had seen the very people who were mocking me go through in their "relationships." As I always say, yes, alone sucks, but bad compay is SOOOOOOO much worse!!!

[QUOTE=JennyLee123;3561733]I feel like I don't have the qualities that makes me likeable and have the ability to attract a good man. I watch all my friends enter relationships and it causes me pain. I had a friend who found love at the age I should have which is 21. I was so jealous of her. And I was angry that she found somebody before I did. She is the friend who said I would never be compatible with a guy b/c I act weird):.[/QUOTE]

Jen, jealousy is such a wasted emotion. Even though it's human to feel the sting when someone else has something you want so badly, but you NEVER really know what's going on behind closed doors. I used to be so jealous of this particular coutry singer because she was liek 5 years younger than me and got signed to a record deal after being in Nashville not even a year, and was famous and on her way and I felt I was just as talented and couldn't get arrested or get a band together, and blah blah blah. Well, her life was not all it was cracked up to be, and she's had all kinds of personal and professional problems. Not that I'm glad about that, it's not good to be happy about someone else's misfortune, but it's just a waste to be jealous of someone when what they seem to have may not in reality even be as good as what you have in your own backyard.

[QUOTE=JennyLee123;3561733]i always told myself that if i am still single not married or ever found love by a certain age i would just kill myself. i'd find a way that i can lay myself to rest without it being painful. i don't want to suffer the stigma in society of being a single woman past 30.[/QUOTE]

Oh Jenny, do you know how many women out there got married before 30 and WISH TO GOODNESS they hadn't? 30 is still very young for marriage these days, and there really isn't as much of a stigma as you may think. Don't sweat what society thinks. I know there are stigmas out there, but I can't be bothered with them. For me, my main issue is my extended family. They really pity me and look down on me because I'm over 40 and still single and childless. But I'm not going to have a bad day just because THEY think i'm supposed to.

Hang in there. Cut yourself a break and give yourself a little more time.

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