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For the past few weeks my girlfriend has been pissing me off alot. Last week she just became so cold and just said oh we need a break, i was actually crying as i drove her home and she didnt care one bit. when she left she just said im sorry i made you feel sad and went in her house. I couldnt believe my ears it was actually really shocking. We eventually made up. She has EXTREMELY bad temper problems. She'll go from nice to bitch in seriously 5 seconds. This weekend I told her id take her out saturday. there are some places she really wanted to go for a long time now and I thought ok ill bring her there then we can have dinner. Today she tells me she agreed to work tommorow and I told her we were going out and she said no you said sunday. I did not say sunday. She starts telling me how its my fault and how horrible i make her feel because i did get angry at her like come on, how was I supposed to react? I'm sick of being the one that always makes the compromises and always doesnt care when she makes me feel bad. She doesnt even want to see me tonight she just wants to go home. I seriously dont understand her. I have no idea what to do anymore. She makes me feel so damn angry and then so depressed. I mean, she works for family its not hard to say 'you know i forgot i was going out with my boyfriend i cant work' but instead she gives me this 'oh well too bad' attitude like she doesnt even care. We've been together for a long time and i have no idea why shes doing this now. Last week I was ready to end it with her but i love her so much I couldnt do it. She always promises she'll stop being heartless but she doesnt. I'm at the end of my rope here. I seriously have no idea what to do. It seems that every time she apologizes and tells me she wont do it again she does.

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