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Also i would like to tell you that my BF and his mother and sister doesnt speak at all. In the begining it was all nice his mother and i hung out got out nails done together and talked often. His sister and i never got along mainly because we were two different people with nothing in common. She hated that when we started dating that he limited his time with her to spend with me i understand they were very close they did everything together. But what can i say if he chooses to spend his time with me. My problem with her was that she was out of control for a period of time stressing her mother out and getting kicked out the house her mother was in and out of the hospital and it didnt seem to change her ways this would cause my bf to be stressed and sometimes make him snap at me for things but as soon as i would say let's take a break and you deal with your family first he would make it seem like i was pushing him away. I wanted to be there for him but with him having an attitude with me i wasnt havin it i was at that time only 17 and didnt need that much drama. The issues between his sister and i never effected the relationship between his mother and i. (Not that i know of).

Around this time last year my boyfriend and i was planning to move I had gotten my first car in mar 2007 and he had been staying at my mother's house since Feb 2007 because he worked late and my mother's house was closer to his job. His mother and stepdad would refuse to pick him up at night. ofcourse they didnt have to but the bus took him almost an hour to get home and only took him 15 minutes to get to my house. When he started staying at my mothers house he told his mother that he should be responsible for bill there anymore and that he would not pay the 250 a month to live there if he wasnt staying there. In may 07 his sister moved back in and she didnt have a job but her bf did they were staying at his mothers house and my bf really didnt want to pay to live there if they were not going to pay.

We searched for a apt and found one around june My mother and grandma helped us buy furniture and prepare us to move. They day before we moved we went to his mother's to get the last of his things. When i came in she spoke to me like any other time even though we had not talked in about a month. She asked what we were doing. I told her we were moving into our own place, it shocked me because the whole time me and my bf were planning he had never told his mother. She went off that day talking about how i was taking him from his family and how i changed and i was a bad person for keeping him away from his family he wasnt calling like he used to.

What really made me mad is that my bf barely even opened his mouth to say whether what she said was true or not. i had not idea she felt this way. I felt like he just let his mother say anything to me and by me being at her house i didnt disrespect her like i really wanted to. When we left that day i didnt say much to him i pushed back out move date and one day i made a decision that i really wanted to call it quits i mean it was like he made me think one way but all along his family felt different and when he didnt correct them i felt he felt this way too. He begged and explained that he didnt feel like they did. So we ended up moving. We had a house warming and his family showed up except his mother and sister. his stepfather and even his sisters boyfriend even stopped by, his cousin explained to me that his mother and sister where the only ones who had issues with me she told me that his mother was mad he left because he would not be paying her anymore and his sister and mother both said i tell him not to call or go see his family. I found it strange that he goes to see his grandma and cousins but not them. Honestly this is maybe silly for me to say or feel. but at that point i could careless what they thought about me i felt it wasnt true. but i understood how they left. I asked him why he didnt call his mother or sister as much as others he told me that whenever they talked to him they had something negative to say about me or him being with me he said he didnt want to hear it. Thats how its been since then he doesnt talk to them much at all. I am now pregnant and i know his brother and cousins and grandmother knows about it i dont know about his mother or sister but dont care really. I told him the relationship he has with his mother is his business i dont get involved in that.

Our relationship is moving along i told him if he wanted to send his mother and sister invitations to the baby shower that would be his doing not mine. I know i may sound like a smart*** but thats how i feel at this point. Its been a year i havent talked or seen them. There had been times when we first moved that i would hear things that they said about me and it would make me want to check them the way i really wanted but out of respect fot him i just quiet and then he would get mad that im keeping things from him or being too quiet. so instead of causing other issues between us i just told him what was bothering me and he would correct them and they complained that he chooses me over them he would get so tired and it was times when i would tell him to just call it quits and please his family because in the future he may need them more than me. but he got mad at me for doing that also. so now i dont speak about them to him and he doesnt talk to me about them on holidays he goes to his grandmas house and then we hook up later and things work out that way.

Sorry this is so long!!!!

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