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[QUOTE=Kszan;3573539]I tried to make this point in the first post that Jenny made, because that is a HUGE part of the illusion. Just because people are together and/or married doesn't mean it's a HAPPY union. And just because people may appear happy when they're out in public doesn't mean they really are happy when they're alone together in their own space. I totally agree with all of this LLM, that the really truly happy marriages and/or relationships are rare. I think it's very, very rare to find something that totally works well for both parties in the relationship, because more often than not, one of the people is just not happy and wants more or wants different, or something. And that's the part you don't know about when you see them out holding hands and whatever. People are really good at hiding that kind of stuff from other people.[/QUOTE]

This may be true. But don't I have the right to at least want to experience [I]love[/I], this is something that I have never had the chance of ever experiencing at 24. All my friends fell in love YEARS ago, and I am still waiting for it to happen to me.

My friend who just came back into my life is still w/ her boyfriend after a couple of years and they are so attached to one another. She mentioned how she loves spending the night over his house...I wish I had the pleasure of doing something like that with a guy I was in love with. I haven't really lived. Even my mother says that I haven't):

As my friend and I were hanging out with, she said her b/f gets physically with her, saying that they were fighting and he slammed her into the wall, and then his mother when she tried to help. But she says he never done such a thing like that before and every couples have their fights. IMO, I get the idea that ANYTHING is better than being single. Most women would rather stay in a relationship even if it's not the best for them. So, that's why I loathe not having a companion, because no one truly wants to be in my shoes without a man.

It was nice going out with my friend even though it won't be too frequently, she is VERY attached to her boyfriend and enjoy being with him every minute of the day. I get the feeling she only hung out with me because her parents have been complaining all the time about how she spents so much time with him in the last couple years. We fell off partly because of that, she would ditch me for her b/f and spent ALL her time with him. Even when we hung out it was a 3some and I'd be the third wheel. The funny thing is is that he still maintained contact with his buddies and hung out with them regularly.

I've had similar experiences like this before, and this is why I despise couples. I think they are selfish and self absorbed IMO. Usually because I always happen to be a third wheel and always the single gal so I don't view friend's with boyfriend's too well

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